Bally/Astrocade Ads

The following links are for the original Bally Library Computer ad, the Bally Professional Arcade ad, and the last known corporate Astrocade ad.



This is the first ad for the Bally arcade. It was printed on September 1977 in Scientific American. Although not printed by Bally, the company that did print it was the only authorised vendor at the time. Unfortunatly, due to production problems, no units were shipped until 1978.

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This is the first ad from Bally after changing to a wider release through electronic and computer stores. This ad is from Games 1978.

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This is the only magazine ad for the Astrocade that I know of. It was apparently printed in 1983. Note that the arcade unit on the second page has the script wrtitng on the name plate, unlike the unit on the first page. This is also the name plate featured on the Astrocade box. It seems that the marketing people were unable to make a final decision on the name plate to be used. All Astrocade labeled units I've seen (5 at this time) have had the pixel font label used on the first page.

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