Cart Box Variation

Original Bally box

The paper in front of the cartridge is a fanfolded manual. These fit nicely into the spaces between the cart spaces in the storage bay on the unit.

Astrovision Box

Box has a hole showing the book style manual for the game. This allowed them to print 1 box for all carts.

Flap on back of box opens book style to reveal an insert where game is stored.

Could store your manuals and games on a book shelf with this format. Unfortunatly cardboard is too flimsy for prolonged use of this type. Also inconvient to get at manual.(must open top of box)


Astrocade Box

Simular to the Astrovision box.

"Bally" logo replaced with 'script' Astrocade logo. "The" and "Arcade" added in around "Professional".