Cassettridge & Tape List

Note: Links in this scetion go to Screen images, Box art, or both. Manuals will be available Soon.
Name Comments Coin OP
Built in
Gunfight Colour version of Gun Fight (Perfect!)
Checkmate Game that TRON Light Cycles is based upon. 
0 players = demo
Calculator 5 function, 10 memory, "Printing Calculator" Stores a video papertape of 92 entries
Scribbling Doodle program. 0 players gives kaleidoscope
Name Comments
Coin OP
Action/Skill Series
2001 280 ZZZAP/Dodgem Like Night Driver & any vertical racer
2002 Seawolf/Missile
2 variations of target shooting
2003 Panzer Attack/ 
Red Barron
2 player Tank battle & 2 Player Dogfighting 
2004 Brickyard/Clowns Breakout/Circus (Very well done)
2005 Star Battle A simple 'star wars' like game that two people played in a 'trench' like setting. You could move up or down the trench while moving around to try and get the best attack angle on your opponent. (Brett)
2008 Space Invaders Moved to 2009. Was released under this name originally.
2009 Astro Battle Space Invaders!!! Only they will LAND!
2010 Dogpatch 2 player skeet(can) shooting
2011 Galactic Invasion Actually Says "Galaxian"!!! when on menu Very good conversion.
2012 Space Fortress Better than the original! Extremely FAST! Arcade name: Space ZAP! (Michael Garber)
2014 Grand Prix/ 
Demolition Derby
Racing & Drive around and crash into other cars for points! (Brett)
2015 Pirates Chase A grid of 'pieces o' eight' (something like 10x15) where one or more players tried to gobble them up with a bad guy that would chase you around. Sort of a Pac Man without the walls. (Brett)
2017 The Incredible Wizard Wizard of WOR
2018 Solar Conqueror Like Asteroids
2019 Cosmic Raiders Like Defender
2020 Missile Attack "never made production" They may have put it on the list anticipating working out a deal to buy ICBM Attack from me. (Brett)
Sports Series
3001 Tornado Baseball, Tennis, Hockey and Handball 2 player only. Like the Old PONG games with little men Instead of paddles. Baseball is decent.
3002 Football 2 or 4 player
3003 Demolition Derby/ 
Grand Prix
Moved to 2014
3004 Drag Race/Desert Fox Released??? [I saw a proto, but I never saw it at a point that would be worth selling. (Brett)]
3005 Bally Pinball 
Astrocade Pinball
Label change with release of the Astrocade. 2 versions on 1 cart. Very good play!
3006 Bowling Brett has one. "Not impresive"
3007 Soccer As to the soccer cart. It never made production. I was talking to my dad about it and it never made it because of some lawsuit or something where the guy who made it was battling Astrocade over who would have the right to the royalties I think. We did have one, but unfortunately when my mom did some cleaning it was tossed with all the rest of the carts. That was like a keeper too, because there were only 2 or 3 ever made I think. <Mike Curran> 
Educational Series
4001 Bingo Math/ 
Speed Math
4002 Letter Match/ 
Spell 'N Score 
Fun with letters
4003 Music Maker Make Music
4004 Biorhythm Are we having a good day today?
4005 Creative Crayon "never made production"? colouring book?
4005P Creative Crayon 
W/ Light Pen
" "
Strategy Series
5001 Amazing Maze/ 
Can you do the maze before the Cpu?
5002 Blackjack/Poker/ 
Good card games
5003 Checkers Backgammon
5004 Conan the Barbarian The game is very cheesy. You have a guy with a sword that you can move via the joystick and the sword move when you twist the knob. <Zagnut> (Unfortunatly some of the information was lost as my mail reader, Sorry. <Lance>)
5005 Artillery Duel Can you shoot over that hill and hit your buddy before he gets you???
Functional Series
6002 Bally Basic Basic programming on your Bally Professional Arcade. Needed Audio interface to save to Tape.
6004 Bally Basic 
Astrocade Basic
Originally released under the BALLY label. Either version has the audio cassette interface built into the cart its self.
???? Dealer Demo I have the dealer demo, it does some interesting things. Like playing checkmate at 10 times speed. It also has a Bach fugue programmed in that plays in three part sound. (An interesting note is that although the demo cartridge plays three part sound, it was not till I wrote the three part sound player that anyone made three part music, either for a cartridge or for basic games (like George Moses).) (Brett)
Independent Carts
Muncher (Ltd. edition) 
Originally Bally's version of Pacman. Not released by Bally due to Atari/Odyssey^2 Law suite. Near perfect translation! The sound is dead ON, The graphics are mared ONLY by the low resolution of the Bally screen. 
Treasure Cove (Spectre Systems) 
(Distributed by Esoterica)
Collect the treasure from the bottom of the Sea, watch out for poisonous fish! Featured 256 colors concurrent on screen with three part music. To date, the only game that ever did this. (Brett)
Blast Droids (Esoterica) Like Asteroids
Machine Language Manager 
(Bit Fiddlers)
Wright programs in Z80 Machine language 
Ms. Candy Man (L&M) Ms. Pac Man type concept, but different.
Sneaky Snake (New Image) Centipede clone.
Sea Devil (L&M) Protect your food stores from under sea creatures & invading divers!
MAZEMAN (Dave Carson) Pac-Man type game with 12 different Mazes No Sound. All Game play?
ICBM Attack (Spectre Systems) A missile command rip off. but with a twist. Instead of the missiles coming in from the sky, a plane would fly by and drop the missiles. You could hit the plane or the missiles, and their were three bases to fire from and 6 cities to protect. Sold with a home manufactured Keypad that featured a TRUE XY positional joystick, 'pinball' like flipper buttons on the side, and a keypad for entering data. Sadly, I do not have one left (we sold them ALL). (Brett)
Tape Software Load these into Bally/Astro Basic to play.
Chicken! (Bit Fiddlers) Frogger variant
L&M Soft
1. Claim Jumper/ 
River City Gambler
???? and Gambling
2. Cosmic Saucer Battle/ 
The Black Lagoon
3. Bombardier/Meteoroid ????
4. Target/Mind Bender ????
5. Search & Destroy ????
6. Star Base 2000/ 
Space Quest 2001
7. Phantom Star Fighters/ 
Space Checkers
8. Crazy Ball/ 
Ayatollah dart board
An update would be the Husein Dart board ;-)
9. The Mummy's Treasure/ 
Galactic War 2002
10. Coyote-Roadrunner 
Desert race/ 
Atom Smasher
Does Warner Bros. Know about this? 
11. Sink the U-Boat/ 
Rescue Air Drop
12. Mission: Impossible/ 
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
???? and Tic-tac-toe
13. The Fox & The Hare/ 
Space Sleuth
14. Alien Invasion I & II ????
15. Secret of Pellucitar Find your way through the maze.
16. Exitor's Revenge Space invaders with a few twists
17. Nautilus Sequel to Exitor's
18. Candy Man Pac Man but different.
Wave Makers
Max (Robot from Space)/ 
Horse Race
???? and Horse racing
Clue/Flying Ace Fly your TV at on coming biplanes.
Maze Race/Obstacle Course/ 
Space Chase
Slot Machine/Perversion Perversion?!?!?
Music Composer/Yahtzee Does Parker Bros. Know about this? :-)
Mouse in the Hat/Speed Math/ 
Note Match
Guitar Course/Tune/ 
Guitar lessons
Obstacle Course Tournament
Pack-Rat I & II ????
Lookout for the Bull ????
Whiz Quiz Trivia game
Castle of Horror/ 
Four Famous Freebies
Monkey Jump/Gong the Kong Donkey Kong derivatives
Collision Course Same as Arcade game of same name!
Character Analysis ????
Dungeons of Dracula Wrap your chain around the monsters & complete the mazes.
L.T. (Little Terrestrial) Based on the movie E.T. 
"1000 times better than Atari E.T."
Gate Escape Lady bug clone
Tiny Arcade

T100    Space Gauntlet/

T101    Omega Valley/           Prevent 18 ships from landing in 3 valleys
        Astro terror            or defend your space station from missiles

T102    Viperian/Cruncher       

T103    Vindicator/             Looks to be a defender clone
        Art Show & Fire Works

T104    Gamma Wars              Space invaders?

T105    Beep!                   Maze game.(or is it Pengo-ish?)

HARD soft.

Gamepak G1
        Caterpillar             Centipede clone
        Tic Tac Tollah          Tic Tac Toe that Cheats
        The paper Chase         Based on those "Don't squeeze the sharmin" 
        Micro Pac               Pac-Man clone
        Galactic Hitchhiker     "Three dimensional graphics"

GM (Gorge Moses Co.)

Make your Arcade Sing series:

Tape 1: Bach's 15 two part inventions

Tape 2: 27 Christmas Carols

Tape 3: Scott Joplin Ragtime Classics

Tape 4: Screen Ram 3 Voice Music Assembler

Tape 5: Sinfonia to Cantata 29 By Bach

Beatles Greatest Hits
and Flight Simulator

Other tapes:

Tape 6: Home Budget Keeper

Life/Nuke the !$&!              ...should read "Life/Nuke the Bastard." 
Life/Soundvision                Nuke the bastard was a simple game that Jay 
Life/Macromind Director Fenton wrote. It later became a Soundvision,
                                then Macromind Director demo. (Brett)


Treasure Island/                Can you figure out the Map before your Pal?
        Fox & hound             

Wildcatter/                     Can you successfully run an oil company?
        Bomb Squad              Defuse the Bomb!

The Great American Jigsaw/      Put the U.S. of A. together.
        Big City Slick          US city quiz

Garbersville/                   Missile command?
        Ten Pins                Bowling.

Starship Command/               Star Trek theme.
        Mini Golf

Road Toad                       Frogger

Super Slope                     Like Atari's Alpine Ski coin op

Hangman/Home Budget Keeper