Hardware & add ons

Hardware Known to exist

Name Comments
Extra Controllers Usually labeled 3 & 4
Audio Cassette interface For use with Original Bally Basic.
Blue Ram 16K or 32K Ram expansion with ZIF connector for adding keyboard or other peripherals. Usually accompanied by Blue Ram Extended Basic, allowing access to extra ram.
R&L 64K Ram Board Expansion board sold with NO ram on it, but all the necessary hardware support. Use of Blue Ram Ex. Basic or Hot Rod Bally Basic Recommended. See R&L .
Viper 1 16K computer add under with keyboard. Optional: 4 RS-232 ports.
Viper 5 16K or 32K Computer add under. As above.
Astrocade Arcade style
Game system Display Cabinet!
Styled like a real Arcade machine this display cabinet is beautiful! Bottom section features glass door & racks to hold the many cartridge boxes the store would need.
Light Pen Comes with Creative Crayon Cart. Brett owns one! (But not the cart.)

Hardware Hoped to exist (Can anyone confirm release)

Name Comments

Viper Zgrass System
(Zgrass 1200)

Zgrass 32
Zgrass 100

Complete computer add under. Features:
  • 64K Ram, 32K Rom, keyboard, 2 RS-232s
  • 320x204 high res graphics Expansion card,
  • 3 channel Stereo sound,
  • 4 channel Quad Density 5.25 drive controller
  • 8231 Math Processor
  • Zgrass programming language, C/PM compat.

Note: The above specs belong to the Viper(1200) Zgrass expansion specificly.
Previous versions (32/100) had lesser specs. See Computer expansion