People Of Note:

These people had a lot of influence in what you saw/heard or read about the Bally/Astrocade systems
Robert Fabris
For the Arcadian news letters. Without which this FAQ would be a few pages shorter!
Bob Ogdon
Programmed "Bally Pin", "Brickyard/Clowns", "Incredible Wizard", "Football" and probably Others.
Scot Norris
Credited with most of the music & sound effects on the various carts.
Jay Fenton
Creator of the Bally BASIC cart! Others? NOW has a Home Page of his own on the Net.
Gorge Moses
For continuously poking around with the Bally's sound chip and writing various music makers & other programs for the Basic enthusiasts.
Dave Nutting
For having something to do with the creation of this system and writing the Handbook of Hardware & Software. Referred to by some as The Nutting Manual.
Brett Bilbrey
For writing the three voice music routine, the ONLY 256 colour game, and some new info here

NOTE: This section is terabily out of date!

Sources for Bally/Astrocade Stuff

Well, The usual yard sales & thrift shops. If you can't find anything there. (Not much luck here.) You could try those listed below.

I neither endorse nor condemn the services of these parties. I merely list them for those whom may wish to acquire systems, carts or other related paraphernalia. (Usual legal crap ;-))

Jerry G
Jerry G Visionaries
Steven Tucker
Charles E. or see his Web page.
Michael J. Novak Jr.

or see his Web pages.
These gentlemen carry a range of systems and carts for most of the Classic systems. Drop them a line & they'll tell you what they have in stock!

R&L Enterprises\ATEWizard\index.html

Still has 64K expansion boards, Memory chips & Hot Rod Bally Basic for sale.