Thanks to:

G. Chance For giving the Original text FAQ a home! And providing a wonderful service to all the curious among us!
Mike Curran Former Esoterica play tester ;-)for more information on the Soccer cart.
Jay Fenton For creating Bally Basic and linking to us from his Personal Biography page!
Glenn Saunders For asking some questions about Bally Basic.
Brett Bilbrey For a wealth of NEW knowledge. (Well, new to me anyway.)
Michael Garber For giving me the arcade name to Space Fortress
Dennis Gale Brown For letting me borrow a prcture of the RARE white Bally/Astrocade!
Zagnut For Information on the Conan Cart.
Adam Trionfo

Various addions and links to a huge information archive at BallyAlley

Ward Shrake m.e.s.s. (X.m.e.s.s.) Screen Captures of Carts I don't have
Andrew Gassmann Picture of a Bally Home Library Computer