Unit Label Variation

Bally/Home Library Computer Original JS&A mailorder label

Extreamly Rare.
Bally/Professional Arcade Wide release label
Most Bally made units, some Astrocade/Astrovision units

Bally/Computer System Small release by Bally under this label. Mostly Astrovision/Astrocade units.

ASTROCADE When Astrovision changed it's name to Astrocade, the next run of units sported this label. However when they ran out of this label they grabbed anything they could find in stock.

Very Rare.
Astro Professional Arcade Seen in 'Electronic Fun' Jan 1983
Also mentioned in an early promo video around the same time.

Looks like a Real label. Probably trashed when they had to change there name. Only Staff may have had this label. Super Mega Ultra Rare.
Astrocade/The Professional Arcade Seen on Boxes and ads. Currently beleved to not exist outside of the Astrocade marketing department.